[STORE] Pre-Order Available: Specialty Signed Packages

We now have signed packages available for pre-order that include specialty prints and digital files. Read this post for more info!

Please read everything that follows so that there are no surprises!

How It Works

Cost+Delivery Time Frame: The cost you see below includes the cost of shipping (media mail w/ tracking number). THESE ARE PRE-ORDERS, meaning once you have purchased the package, I will then order it from the publisher. They print and mail it to me. I then signed and package everything to send to you. The entire process takes about a month, give or take. You can use your tracking number to follow its shipment to you – I will provide this a day after I have received the book(s) from the publisher. Allow that day from arrival for me to sign, package, and then ship your purchase out to you. (If you order on a Saturday, you won’t have your tracking number until Monday evening. Same goes for the day before a federal holiday, seeing as the post office will be closed.)

To purchase, e-mail contact@aidenmerchant.com with the package option that has your interest. Payment is done via Paypal and due up front before we place a printing order with the publisher.

Residents of the continental United States only – sorry! If you are out of range and really want to place an order, special circumstances can be made, but your shipping will probably be outrageous (fair warning).

The Book Sizes: Kill for Them and Dead as Soon as Born come as trade paperbacks. This size is a 6×9 for those of you unfamiliar with that printing style. It is bigger than a mass market paperback; it’s closer to the size of the hardcover books you find in stores. /// Beyond the Eye: Volume I comes as a specialty size called Crown Quatro. This size is 7.44×9.68.

A description of the books will follow the Packages info…

The Available Packages

PACKAGE 1 ($25) – Kill for Them Signed Trade Paperback Edition (includes bonus sneak preview of an upcoming novel) + Debut Digital Book (PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats available) + Beyond the Eye: Volume I

PACKAGE 2 ($25) – Dead as Soon as Born Signed Trade Paperback Edition (includes two bonus short stories) + Debut Digital Book (PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats available) + Beyond the Eye: Volume I

PACKAGE 3 ($40) – Dead as Soon as Born and Kill for Them Signed Trade Paperback Editions (each containing the bonus material noted in previous packages) + Debut Digital Book (PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats available) + Beyond the Eye: Volume I

Book Details/Descriptions

Kill for Them (Original Release: 9.13.19): This collection features 7 stories written between 2013-2016 that were not included in Dead as Soon as Born. Of this assortment, three are short stories, three are novelettes, and one is a novella. The genres span crime, drama, science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. The trade paperback also includes a bonus sneak preview of a 2020 novel currently titled, Tree of Bones.

Dead as Soon as Born (Original Release: 6.15.19): This collection features 11 stories written between 2013-2019. They span horror, crime, suspense, and science fiction. The trade paperback also includes 2 bonus short stories, “Palinoia” and “Drifter.”

Debut (No outside release): This collection gathers the stories of Kill for Them and Dead as Soon as Born in one digital location.

Beyond the Eye: Volume I (No outside release): Beyond the Eye will be a recurring promotional series, each volume containing rarities and/or previously unreleased material. Volume I contains two stories that were released online via book review websites (“Out at Sea” and “Exitium Pt.2”), as well as “Palinoia” (from the trade paperback and hardcover editions of Dead as Soon as Born) and “The Life of a Writer” (a blog posting from Merchant’s official website). This series will only be made available through specialty packages such as these, or by free handouts at stores and events. They are not going to be sold individually.

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