[PRESS RELEASE] Squirming Disease and Other Stories

  • Projected release date and contents subject to change. For example, one story listed below is currently in submission elsewhere and will be removed if accepted.

Some of you already know a little about Squirming Disease and Other Stories. I’ve teased it here and there online, and a couple people have even beta read some of it.

So what is it? Squirming Disease and Other Stories is my first horror-focused collection. It will feature several stories already in the wild – like “Nummy Fingers” (a Halloween story premiering on KendallReviews.com next week) and “Out At Sea” (a free ebook single) – as well as a handful of new works. Unlike my previous collections, this one is driven by variations of horror, some of which are more disturbing than anything I’ve written before.

When can you expect it? My projected release date is February 14, 2020. Who wouldn’t want to show their love on Valentine’s Day by sharing a gruesome and unsettling collection?

How many stories are there? How long is it? Squirming Disease… is not like Dead As Soon As Born or Kill For Them, both of which were beyond 100k words (more than 300 pages). Instead, I have decided to release my next couple collections as smaller and more digestible doses. Squirming Disease… is looking to be around 40k words (roughly 150 pages), featuring a total of 8 stories.

What does the cover look like? Attached is the current mock-up. Though I hope it can be my final art, I won’t know until I try printing.

What stories can we expect? There’s, of course, Squirming Disease, which tells of a young man sick with something beyond the normal “stomach bug.” There’s also a prelude of sorts (titled Hungry) for my upcoming 2020 novella, Shifty Things; a story about a man under the influence of a humanoid demon in the city (The Corner Master); a sad story about a victimized girl escaping her kidnapper with the aid of his neglected dog (Tenebris); the return of Ashley/Megan from Taking the World by Blood (Feeding Frenzy); and several others. If you missed out on Out At Sea or Nummy Fingers, they will also be included in print for the first time.

What formats will be released? There will be an eBook edition, as well as a paperback printing of some size (not yet known). Depending on early feedback from reviewers and beta readers, I may decide to do a hardcover as well.

I’m a reviewer. Can I snag an early ARC? Digital versions will be made available hopefully in November. Physical copies will only be provided to established reviewers and readers that have remained close since my launch. Physical copies probably won’t be available until December or even January due to costs.

Earlier, you mentioned several upcoming collections being smaller. Does that mean something else will follow Squirming Disease and Other Stories? Why, yes. There’s another collection in early drafting right now, tentatively titled Pretty Grim. I’m considering a July 4th release for that one. There will also be at least one novella in the first six months of 2020, titled Shifty Things.

So, are you a “horror writer” now? No. I cover a variety of genres and narrative styles, as seen in my previous two collections. The novel I am currently rewriting (with hope of a late 2020 release) is crime driven. Another novel in the works (for 2021 release) is also crime driven. My epic (that has been in the works since 2012) is aiming for a 2022/2023 major release and is a substantial mix of horror, suspense, drama, and science fiction. I just happen to be writing primarily horror stories at the moment, due to the dark influence of recent reads.

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