NEWS: “Mission Statement” 2020

My Mission Statement for 2020:

Financially, my household is falling apart. It is for this reason that I will be speeding things along sooner than planned. Originally, I thought I would spend 2019 and 2020 releasing content independently to build up a portfolio before actively seeking out agents and publishers. I had some five or more releases expected in 2020, but now most of them will be kept under wrap from the public while I seek out representation for them instead of doing it all myself.

Essentially, my main goal in 2020 will be to sign at least one publishing contract and/or find myself an agent who I believe can take me forward in my career. While I work on sending out all my new projects to prospective publishing houses and agencies, I will still do some things independently for you all along the way.

By the end of 2019, I will have put out a special collection called Nineteen. This release will include the stories of both Dead as Soon as Born and Kill for Them, as well as some new notes and drabbles. It will be available as an affordable eBook, as well as a collector’s hardcover. This will be a great purchase for anyone who missed my releases earlier this year. It may even include a new short as well. That has not yet been decided for sure (I am currently formatting the collection and space is very limited).

Around February 2020, I also aim to release my first horror-driven collection, Squirming Disease and Other Stories. It will be available in eBook, paperback (trade and pocket), and hardcover. Everything inside will be dark and creepy.

Otherwise, I will put out Kindle singles here and there as I see fit (none of which I want to hammer down as definite due to so many projects being shopped out during 2020).

After 2020 is up, whatever hasn’t been picked up by someone will likely release early 2021 via myself. I have several novels being written, as well as a ton of new short stories and novellas. It’s very possible that 2021 will just be packed with new content. But, like I said, I will put out some singles in the meantime (following the collection, Squirming Disease).

It is for these reasons I have updated my RELEASES page by removing much of what was listed under “Upcoming.” Continue to follow me here and on my social networking sites for the latest news. I am still very much actively writing new material for you all! Also, if you haven’t already, head on over to Kendall Reviews to read my new Halloween story, “Nummy Fingers.”

Reading/Reviewing in 2020

I am also going to be primarily working on my pre-existing, large TBR stack for reading and reviewing in 2020. Once I’ve caught up, I will be more open to accepting new books for review. Follow me on Goodreads and Kendall Reviews for the majority of my reviews.

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