Month: January 2020

[REVIEW] True Crime – by Samantha Kolesnik

Read my mini review of Kolesnik’s True Crime, a disturbing and captivating novella, by clicking the link below.

[REVIEW] Lullabies for Suffering – Edited by Mark Matthews

This review originally appeared on Dead Head Reviews. Read my thoughts below:

[REVIEW] Grief is a False God – by Gemma Amor

This review originally appeared on Dead Heads Reviews. Read my thoughts below:

[REVIEW] The Toll by Cherie Priest

THE TOLL by Cherie Priest “State Road 177 runs along the Suwannee River, between Fargo, Georgia, and the Okefenokee Swamp. Drive that route from east to west, and you’ll cross six bridges. Take it from west to east, and you might find seven. But…

[TMT] 1.12.2020 – New Digital Series

As mentioned in my previous post, Refocusing, I will be doing things differently this year. The previously planned collection, Squirming Disease and Other Stories, has been scrapped in the sense that its contents will no longer appear all at once in a collection. Instead,…

[TMT] 1.7.2020 – Refocusing

I’m going to change things up a bit. In the past, I have saved The Merchant’s Table for specific articles I’ve written (only one of which has appeared on this site, I think). However, for generalized updates (thoughts, musings, uncertain plans, etc.), I am…