[SCP] Debut Issue – Summer 2020

This summer, Snow-Capped Press will release its first physical/digital magazine issue. We are accepting submissions for consideration now!

We want book news (release dates, cover reveals, previews, etc.), reviews (books, music, movies), original stories (preferably under 7,500 words), and advertisements (column and full page formats). You can submit any of these to us by e-mailing snowcappedpress@gmail.com.

For original stories, we are looking for flash fiction and short stories. Genres welcomed include horror, crime, gritty drama, science fiction, suspense, thriller, and adventure. When submitting a story, make sure to include your name and contact information, if the story has been published elsewhere, its word count, and general genre type. (This does not pay. Our magazine is just making its debut, and doing a lot of things for free or to break even. Down the road, we may be able to offer money for included stories, but not at this time. Think of your contribution as a way to promote your work and find new readers.)

For reviews, we are looking for book coverage primarily. We are flexible on genres, but not interested in YA or younger. Do not use rating systems – your review should be clear whether or not you’d recommend the title. Include your name and contact information. Do not send us anything that has posted elsewhere, UNLESS it was to your own site or social account. Make sure to also include the title’s cover image and publication information. Coverage can be on indie or mainstream authors/publishers.

For advertising, we are offering this free of cost at this time as we debut. We are looking for column and full page formats. We do not want banners at this time. Make sure the quality is high enough for printing clarity, or it will be dismissed.

With everything, we will contact you if your submission is being accepted.

Thank you for your interest, and check back regularly for updates. You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram.

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