[NEWS] All Releases to Be Removed, Then Brought Back

So, Lulu Publishing has changed a lot of things in the last year. After raising their prices, I almost left (after a decade of loyalty printing through them). After some consideration, I stuck around because I knew their system and hadn’t found any others I liked.

However, they recently revamped their whole website, and it’s caused a lot of frustrations for me. The editing/publishing of a project is completely different now, and I have had a hell of a time getting any support questions answered. I had already planned to reissue a couple of my books with new covers, notes, and what not, but now I feel forced to redo ALL of my releases. You see, I cannot retire any projects like I used to be able to do; I cannot find the option anywhere, no matter where I look or who I ask. I have tried contacting the Lulu support team multiple times now, but no one ever responds. As a result, I will be deleting my currently existing account with Lulu in order to have all my releases removed from production and purchase. Then, I will make a NEW account and start from scratch.

Seeing as I have to prepare all my books all over again anyway, I feel like I may as well revise and redesign them while I am at it. For some things, this just means revised text (as in, I have gone through and corrected any missed errors) and a new cover. With others, it will also mean new notes, stories, and possibly a change in layout (such as the story order of a collection).

Here is the good and the bad:

BAD – This creates a lot of work for me in the coming weeks/months. Also, it will mean all of my releases will (or should) vanish from online retailers for a bit. For some, it may just be a week or two. Others may be unavailable for more than a month.

GOOD – Revised text means less errors. No matter how many times I edit a project, something always slips by. As Stephen King has said, a story is never actually finished. Something can also be adjusted and made better (that is not the exact quote, by the way; just a paraphrasing). Also, who doesn’t like a new cover or new notes? And in some cases, additional stories are being added. Kick ass!

So, when will this be happening?

I already had some new proof copies ordered for Pray prior to making this consideration of starting over. Once those have printed and arrived (could take about a month), then I will go ahead and delete my active account. This isn’t likely to change unless Lulu finally responds to my concerns and gives me ways to fix the problems I have addressed. As long as that doesn’t occur, I’m assuming July will get the ball rolling.

Once my current account is deleted, my understanding is all listings will be removed from the internet. I don’t know if that is truly instantaneous or if it will take a few days. Only time will tell, I suppose.

I will then build my new account and prepare the books I have made ready. This takes time to do. Why? Well, revising text means I am re-reading everything again with a marker at the ready to fix things. It could be a spelling or grammatical error. It could be me rephrasing something entirely just to make it sound better. Short stories are obviously easier to tackle, but collections (like Dead as Soon as Born and Kill for Them) will take longer because how much there is to go through. At the time of launching my new account, I am expecting to have Pray ready, as well as my singles, “Out at Sea” and “Wild Minds.” I hope to have Squirming Disease in July or August, as well. Currently, that is only available in digital format. However, I am looking to make a physical edition will additional stories.

As for my collections, more time will be needed. If I can get things moving smoothly around here, I could have Dead as Soon as Born out around September. I would try to follow it with Kill for Them a month later. Though Horrific Holidays is much shorter than those two, I am writing new stories for it this summer, so I will probably won’t have that collection ready until about Halloween.

Originally (and I mean that loosely, seeing as my plans for releases in 2020 have changed multiple times now due to shit going on), I wanted to get a novel out this year, as well as a novella or two. Because of all this reissuing, I no longer think that will happen. Maybe I can put something brand new out by the tail end of 2020, but it’s more likely I will just wait until 2021 for these new books I am editing for you all at this time. You see, there are two novels half way complete right now, as well as several novellas and a collection of short stories. If none of them come out this year, then 2021 will be pretty packed. Then again, I am also going to submit most of my new work to publishers instead of going indie, so that may hold certain titles back.

Well, that’s enough for now. If you made it through this whole update, I thank you! I promise these reissues will be worth a purchase, even if you already have the originals. New covers, notes, stories … I’m excited!

(The image modified for this post was downloaded from Unsplash by permission. The model is Racheal Lomas. The photographer is Amber Fitzgerald. You can view the full photo set here. I recommend giving it a look – it’s awesome.)

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