[PRESS RELEASE] Squirming Disease – Coming September 2020

Photo Credit – Julia Lewis

Release: September 2020

Publisher: Snow-Capped Press

Originally released as an e-book single during the spring of 2020, Squirming Disease is a novelette about a deadly bug infestation that will soon spread across the world.

Adam thought he was just sick. He’s been sore all over, constantly exhausted and dehydrated, sick to his stomach … but the bug he has isn’t anything germ born.

This new edition of Squirming Disease has not only been freshly revised, but the paperback release will be accompanied by three brand new stories – “Complete Sacrifice,” “Change,” and “The Scar Opens” – and an episode preview of Merchant’s upcoming screenplay series, Charters. These bonuses will not appear in the updated e-book edition!

Review Requests

Review ARCs are available now by request in digital format. These files will included the bonuses for review purposes, but the publicly released e-book will not. Send a message to contact@aidenmerchant.com to request a copy. Make sure to include your review outlets (such as Goodreads, Amazon, and/or review websites/magazines). Physical copies will become available in August, but limited in number. Established friends/outlets will have first choice. Reviewers that collect higher traffic will be considered above others.

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