[REVIEW] Milk Teeth – by Wren Pasdot

By Wren Pasdot
Available January 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Milk Teeth is something else. Let me first say don’t be turned off by the synopsis on Amazon, which may lead you to believe a child wrote this story. Pasdot just begins that section of the listing with the kind of backwoods language you’ll find the characters speaking in this novella – it has nothing to do with the author’s ability to write (trust me, he has skill, here and under his real name). Essentially, Milk Teeth is about a family that has a demonic deal that keeps them living long (and regenerative, albeit slowly) with spells using blood. The daughter kidnaps men for this reason, but soon enough her duties are going to change. As it turns out, the family is very much conflicted with itself, set to pull apart in a violent way. 

This novella is gritty and gruesome and very creepy. What makes it all the better is its unique concept that will take you chapters to reveal completely. Split into parts, Milk Teeth takes you on a wild ride that will leave behind gallons of blood in its wake.


Highlights: Disturbing, sick, and unique

Shadows: The narrative may be off-putting for some, seeing as you read it in “their language” – milk means blood, for example

FFO: Gritty and horrific short stories … strange and violent families … the occult

Takeaway: Pasdot creates a strange and twisted world in Milk Teeth, one that I would love to visit again.

Would I read this author again? Yes



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