[NEWS] Writer Update – May 21, 2021

It has been a while since I posted any sort of detailed news on here, so let me catch you all up on a few things. Since my last post in September, all of the reissues have been made available in trade paperback. Horrific Holidays is actually being made available as a hardcover as well, expected next month. I have also recently appeared in my first anthology; Wild Violence was released by Blood Rites Horror last month, and features my story, “Islands of Trees.” I have a new horror collection completely written and undergoing edits at this time. It is tentatively titled, Eyes Blacker than You’ve Ever Seen. Its cover is being done by the amazing Gemma Amor. It is planned for a January or February 2022 release. I also have another horror collection partially written that is planned for summer 2022. It is tentatively being titled, Hell is in the Skin You Wear. Currently, I have four stories subbed to anthologies that are awaiting approvals or rejections. I will say one has made it into the final round for approval. Originally, I was going to start releasing Love&Eyes – the screenplay series telling Gina Charter’s back story – starting in June. It was supposed to be four volumes released every other month. Then, sometime in 2022, I was going to put them altogether in a large volume. This might all change last minute, as I do have a friend that has offered to show the screenplay series to a producer. So, I am holding the release dates up in the air at this moment. Lastly, I have been working hard on my Within Shadows series. The first book, Shifty Things, was originally written in 2019. It has recently been heavily revised and expanded. Next month, it will be subbed once more. Book two, The Troop, is completely outlined at this point and will begin writing this summer. And book three is partially outlined. That’s about all for now!

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