Where did ‘Dead as Soon as Born’ and ‘Kill for Them’ go?

Snow-Capped Press

Snow-Capped Press is run by author Aiden Merchant, in case you weren’t already aware. Since this post is specifically regarding my work, I’m going to talk in the first person without the royal we. I am Aiden Merchant, and I am the one speaking to you right now (haha).

If you follow me online (despite the fact I’ve recently deleted my personal Twitter, leaving me with nothing but Instagram), then you probably saw a post or two warning readers that my first two story collections would be vanishing this summer. Well, that has officially happened. Technically, third party sellers are on Amazon trying to sell a couple copies for top dollar, but the books are no longer in print or available as e-books (outside of this website).

Why? Why have I stopped production of these two varied collections?

I’m one of those writers with OCD and ADHD creeping into…

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