MILK TEETH Synopsis and Preview

Snow-Capped Press

Milk Teeth releases October 20th in paperback and digital. Andrew Post is also the author of Mondo Crimson, Chop Shop, Aftertaste, and more.


SephorinaBreathland would do anything for her family. She’d even trick men into coming home with her so her kinfolk can kill them and drink their blood. Because the Breathlands are anything but your typical gaggle of podunks. Sephorina’s mama has been pregnant with twins for nine years and is ready to pop. Her daddy lives in the bathtub trying to regrow the arms and legs he lost after the neighbors caught him eviscerating their cattle. And her brother, Hughie, believes that maybe with their pops laid up, it should be him who calls the shots. And while every family has its secrets, none has a secret as dark as theirs. And when Sephorina discovers it, she’s going to call for a family meeting—and…

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