[PRESS RELEASE] Damned Hunger (Four Terrors) by Aiden Merchant

Coming 9/28/21 to Digital – DAMNED HUNGER by Aiden Merchant

Four New Terrors to Tease You for a New Collection (Coming in 2022)


Siblings Sam and Eric stumble upon a portal in the middle of their horse field. On the other side, there exists a canyon that stretches for miles and miles.


There are creatures burrowed underground that have finally woken from a long hibernation.


Not all carnivals are created equal. This one will make you disappear.


Set in the universe of Pray, you’ll want to hold onto your shovel tightly for what’s to come.

Do you want to review this small collection?

Send a request to reviews@snowcappedbooks.com with your website link(s). If you’re an author, please note that and include a list of your releases. Early reviews are likely to be quoted on the purchase links and in promotions. ~ This small collection is currently undergoing edits by Andrew Post. Advanced ARCs will likely include the uncorrected text. Cover art is subject to change, but is unlikely. Text edits prior to release are more common at this stage.

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