About the Author

Aiden Merchant is a an independent author of horror, crime, suspense, and more. He lives in the Appalachian Mountains with his wife and children, and is always writing something new.

His first two story collections – Dead As Soon As Born and Kill for Them – were released in 2019, amidst several other singles (including the short, “Out at Sea”). His third collection, Horrific Holidays, came in February 2020. It was followed by several novelettes – Pray and Squirming Disease – which are now receiving paperback treatment in September 2020, with new design work, revisions, and additional stories.

A change in his printer’s way of production has since led Merchant to revise all of his books for hopeful reissue in mid/late 2020 (using his independent publicity company, Snow-Capped Press). These reissues will include revised text, new covers, new notes, revised layouts, and additional stories.

In 2021, Merchant will return to releasing brand new material. In the meantime, he will do short story premiers via his website, alongside some free e-book downloads.

Merchant was also a co-editor for the charity anthology, Black Dogs, Black Tales (released by Things in the Well in May of 2020).