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  • (5/28/20) All releases are available as digital ARC’s fore review. Send a request to for your copy. Please include your review links and let me know where you post content (Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon, and the like).
  • (4/25/20) The Snow-Capped Press Magazine project has been placed on hold until further notice due to personal time constraints and funds to pay contributors.
  • (1/10/20) Digital ARC’s of Horrific Holidays are currently available for review. Message to request a copy.
  • (1/10/20) New blog up on Merchant’s Table discussing upcoming projects and more
  • (12/25/19) Nineteen – the collection featuring Dead as Soon as Born, Kill for Them, and new stories – is available now in ebook, trade paperback, and hardcover.
  • (10/11/2019) Out at Sea is now available in eBook, re-edited and extended, for free download.
  • (9/18/2019) Signed specialty packages are now available for pre-order here.
  • (9/13/2019) Kill for Them is now available in eBook, pocket paperback, and trade paperback.
  • (7/7/2019) You can now read Part One of “Exitium” here. Part Two will appear on this coming weekend!
  • (7/6/2019) Kendall Reviews is currently the exclusive home for the new short story, “Out At Sea.” Read/download it here.
  • (7/1/2019) Merchant’s second collection, Kill for Them, will be available September 13th.
  • (6/15/2019) There will be a Kindle single of “Wild Minds” releasing via Amazon June 25th.
  • (6/15/2019) Ahead of schedule, Lulu has all print editions of Dead As Soon As Born available for purchase.
  • (5/5/2019) An ePUB edition of No More is now available free for purchase via Lulu.
  • (5/5/2019) You can now download a PDF copy of No More for free via the “Read Now” tab.
  • (5/4/2019) All tabs are now live, including “Recommendations” and “Releases.”
  • (5/4/2019) No More, a short story featured in the upcoming collection, Dead As Soon As Born, has been posted for free reading.
  • (5/3/2019) The new website is live. Several pages are still under construction, but everything should be up within a week.