Moving forward, this page will display the most recent UPDATE blog postings.

*MAY 21,2020*

It has been a while since I posted any sort of detailed news on here, so let me catch you all up on a few things. Since my last post in September, all of the reissues have been made available in trade paperback. Horrific Holidays is actually being made available as a hardcover as well, expected next month. I have also recently appeared in my first anthology; Wild Violence was released by Blood Rites Horror last month, and features my story, “Islands of Trees.” I have a new horror collection completely written and undergoing edits at this time. It is tentatively titled, Eyes Blacker than You’ve Ever Seen. Its cover is being done by the amazing Gemma Amor. It is planned for a January or February 2022 release. I also have another horror collection partially written that is planned for summer 2022. It is tentatively being titled, Hell is in the Skin You Wear. Currently, I have four stories subbed to anthologies that are awaiting approvals or rejections. I will say one has made it into the final round for approval. Originally, I was going to start releasing Love&Eyes – the screenplay series telling Gina Charter’s back story – starting in June. It was supposed to be four volumes released every other month. Then, sometime in 2022, I was going to put them altogether in a large volume. This might all change last minute, as I do have a friend that has offered to show the screenplay series to a producer. So, I am holding the release dates up in the air at this moment. Lastly, I have been working hard on my Within Shadows series. The first book, Shifty Things, was originally written in 2019. It has recently been heavily revised and expanded. Next month, it will be subbed once more. Book two, The Troop, is completely outlined at this point and will begin writing this summer. And book three is partially outlined. That’s about all for now!

*SEPTEMBER 16,2020*

The most recent schedule showed the reissues of Pray and Squirming Disease releasing September (they did – buy them here), Dead as Soon as Born following in October, Kill for Them in November, and Horrific Holidays in December. Originally, I wanted there to be a brief space between each; however, it has become pretty clear to me that is not necessary. My sales don’t change, so why worry about a schedule? I will simply make these reissues available as soon as their proof prints have been approved. You should know that as of right now – September 16th – both Dead as Soon as Born and Kill for Them are both done, but are simply awaiting money to come through so that I can order prints for me to say “yes” or “no” to. Horrific Holidays is mostly finished also, but awaiting some changes to two of the stories included (“Nummy Fingers” and “Awful Gifts” are getting altered endings).

In other words, if I had money to actually place an order next week (for example), then Dead as Soon as Born and Kill for Them could both possibly be available in October. Horrific Holidays could even come in November. At this point, it’s really just about my financial situation (which is shit right now). So, fuck schedules. These reissues will be ready when they’re ready – I just need money to place the orders!

On a different note, I have a novel I’m editing for a publisher re-submission I will be working on after I finish Horrific Holidays. Once I’ve done that (or, perhaps, in the midst of doing that), I will also edit my Charters screenplay in preparation for its 2021 release. At the moment, Charters is my last release planned as coming out independently – I will be submitting everything else to publishers for probably the next year at least, in hopes of getting some help in my “career” moving forward.

If you read and/or purchase anything of mine, it is greatly appreciated!

*JULY 12, 2020*

For those of you who actually read these things, you must be getting tired of them. But things have been fucked up this year. And, oddly enough, I’m not even talking about the world outside my home. Unfortunately, things with my wife and our family have been broken lately. Both of us are fighting severe depression and anxiety from it all, and as such I’ve had trouble getting myself onto the computer to get work done. If not for my editor, there would be so little done in regards to these reissues. But, luckily, she has been working hard to pick up the slack. In fact, she has edited everything except Horrific Holidays at this point (and we have some time with that one, seeing as it won’t be released until November or December).

My point is this: I am not making promises with anything I’ve planned and shared. Meaning, yes, Pray and Squirming Disease should be out September – I don’t doubt that, because they’re done except for some resolution issues with the cover spreads – but other releases may falter. As I said in my last update, I am hoping to have Dead as Soon as Born available in October, Kill for Them by November (if not also October), Horrific Holidays in December, and Charters (my new screenplay series) early into 2021. That being said, I worry my depression may fuck up some of those expected releases. This isn’t even the first delay. Originally, I expected Charters to be out fourth quarter of this year, and all of my reissues available before summer’s end.

It has taken me a week just to format four stories for Dead as Soon as Born, which is incredibly slow. In fact, I should have had a proof print already ordered by now. Instead, at this rate, I won’t be doing that until the end of July. I still need to format another ten stories, and build a cover spread. With how hard it’s been to get me on my computer, it’s possible I won’t even be ordering a proof until sometime in August (which is quite last minute for a September release).

I’m sorry. I really am. This sluggish progress (on my end, not my editor’s – she is killing it) is actually making my depression even worse. I just want these fucking books back out there for you all, especially since they are so much better now. But my mental health is poor, as is my wife’s, and we’re struggling just to stay together for our daughter. It’s getting rough. Money is just about gone. We’ve had to move back in with my parents (who we hate living with), and every day is just a fucking struggle one way or another.

So, yes, things may take longer than I’ve been promoting. I hope to get my shit together in time, but there’s only so much I can do with what’s happened to us. We’re trying to deal with things and figure out ways to fix things, but it’s not going well yet.

Lastly, I don’t really know what can be expected in 2021. At this point, I think I may just be submitting everything I complete, and take a year or two off from independently putting stuff out. Maybe this will work in my favor and get me a publisher. Maybe it won’t. Only time will tell.