[EXCLUSIVE FICTION] Exitium (Part Two) – via Becca Leighanne

The ongoing Exitium series has its next installment available, currently exclusive to Becca Leighanne. Follow the link to read and download the story today!

[EXCLUSIVE FICTION] Out At Sea – via Kendall Reviews

Merchant has been churning out new shorts left and right. Head on over to Kendall Reviews to read one of his latest stories, “Out At Sea.”

Bonus: It’s available for free download and (currently) unavailable anywhere else!

[REVIEW] A Place for Sinners – by Aaron Dries

For Merchant’s third outing with Dries, he takes on the reissue of A Place for Sinners, a truly disturbing novel.

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[REVIEW] Remains – by Andrew Cull

Following his reading of Bones, Merchant dives right back into Cull’s writing with the author’s latest, Remains.

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[READ NOW] Exitium (Part One)

“Exitium” is an ongoing series of short stories. Part One (which follows) first appeared in the collection, Dead As Soon As Born.

(Genre: Science Fiction / Horror / Suspense)

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