[PRAISE] Dead As Soon As Born

“Aiden is a very gifted writer with a great knack for the creepy…” – Matthew V. Brockmeyer (author of Under Rotting Sky and Kind Nepenthe)

“Merchant does an incredible job of dabbling in several genres and creating effective, memorable stories in each one, demonstrating his skill as a versatile writer.” – Keely Fuse (Goodreads)

“The balance between each story is perfect and well thought out, evoking emotion with darkness and quirkiness.” – Lee Anderson (Goodreads)

“…the storytelling was out of this world…I think I have found one of my new favorite authors.” – Lizeth Alatorre (Goodreads)

“It’s impossible to assign one specific genre to Merchant’s writing; there is something for everyone.” – Lauren Dunn (Goodreads)

“…one hell of a short story collection!” Ashley Daviau (Goodreads)

TMT: The Life of a Writer

On this debut episode of the Merchant’s Table, Aiden discusses writing memes, distractions, notebooks, and more.

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[UPDATES/NEWS] Bonus Stories To Be Found In Trade + Hardcover Editions

Read on to find out how Merchant is giving you more bang for your buck with the trade and hardcover editions of Dead As Soon As Born.

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[UPDATES/NEWS] Cover Spread Revealed for Dead As Soon As Born

Read on to see the final cover spread for Merchant’s upcoming debut collection, Dead As Soon As Born.

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[READ NOW] No More

Click below to read Merchant’s first flash fiction entry, “No More,” featured in the upcoming collection, Dead As Soon As Born.

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[PRESS RELEASE] Dead As Soon As Born

Want to know what stories will be included in Merchant’s debut collection? Click on to find out.

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