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Est. 2020, we aim to release a physical/digital magazine bi-monthly, featuring stories, reviews, news, and more. We will also help indie authors with their book releases in design and promotion.

An Independent Company of Fiction Publicity

For review consideration, you can e-mail us a digital eBook (mobi format) or ship us a physical copy. Physical copies are preferred and will be made priority. Not everything can be reviewed. It is best that you first message us with your request before sending anything. We are unable to ship back physicals, though may run online contests to provide read/unread copies to our followers.

If you have a story or book-related news you’d like to submit for consideration, e-mail us today. We are looking to publish several stories per issue of the magazine. We are open to various genres, including horror, suspense, crime, adventure, science-fiction, and gritty drama. Please provide us a “category” you feel your story falls under (generally speaking). Word count is flexible, but try to keep it no longer than a short story. Flash fiction is under 1,000 words. Short stories are under 7,500 words. Longer word counts will be considered under special circumstances. REFER TO “FICTION SUBMISSION” PAGE FOR ALL DETAILS AND GUIDELINES.

If you would like us to help you release a book, please refer to any Aiden Merchant release. The novelette, Pray, was released in digital, pocket paperback, and trade paperback via Snow-Capped Press. If you are still interested in working with us, you can submit your work to us via e-mail (mobi format preferred). We will contact you further if we have interest. Our aid includes basic graphic design, editing, formatting, proof printing, and promotion.

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