[REVIEW] The Gulp – by Alan Baxter

THE GULP  (TALES FROM THE GULP, BOOK #1) By Alan Baxter Published by 13th Dragon Books Available January 2021 I’m not all that familiar with the mosaic novel format, although I have attempted it myself in the past. In fact, this may be the first time I’ve read one …  That being said, I love the…

[REVIEW] Nest of Salt (Stories) by Matthew V. Brockmeyer

NEST OF SALT By Matthew V. Brockmeyer Published by Black Thunder Press Last year, Brockmeyer blew me away with two of my favorite books in years: Under Rotting Sky and Kind Nepenthe. Granted, Kind Nepenthe was a hardcover reissue by the time I was reading it, but damn did I love both of those books….

[COMMUNITY NEWS] Flame Tree Live & Spooky Event

So, usually the only news I’ve posted on my site has been in regards to my own fiction, but that’s just happened to be because no one has ever sent me stuff to promote. Well, that’s now changed! My friends at Flame Tree Press (home to many of the books I’ve reviewed in the past…

[REVIEW] Ceremony of Ashes – by Jayson Robert Ducharme

CEREMONY OF ASHES – BY JAYSON ROBERT DUCHARME Ducharme’s reissue of Alessa’s Melody has been promoted a lot on social media lately, catching my eye. So, I decided to check out his work on Amazon, seeing as I hadn’t yet read his writing. Ceremony of Ashes was my top result and only $0.99 for the novella in Kindle format….