[TOC] Not All Monsters – Edited by Sara Tantlinger

Editor’s Introduction – by Sara Tantlinger Portrait of a Girl in Red and Yellow – by Joanna Roye The Miraculous Ones – by G. G. Silverman Parlor Tricks – by Stacey Bell Wasted – by Amy Easton Black Feather Phlogiston – by K. P. Kulski Leather – by S. M. Ketcham Inked – by E….

[TOC] Wild Violence – Edited by Nick Harper

Foreword – by Nick Harper The Overnight Forest – by Spencer Hamilton Over the River and Through the Woods – by Mocha Pennington Furry Skins – by L. Pine Power Lines – by Michael R. Goodwin In the Beginning – by Carla Eliot The Perigean Turn – by K. A. Shultz Inside Out – by…

[TOC] Twisted: Tainted Tales – by Janine Pipe

Forward Introduction Track 1 Number 1 – Footsteps Track 2 Number 2 – When Doves Cry Track 3 Number 3 – I Want to Break Free Track 4 Number 4 – Maneater Track 5 Number 5 – Addicted to Love Track 6 Number 6 – Sweet Child O Mine Track 7 Number 7 – Tainted…

[REVIEW] Nest of Salt (Stories) by Matthew V. Brockmeyer

NEST OF SALT By Matthew V. Brockmeyer Published by Black Thunder Press Last year, Brockmeyer blew me away with two of my favorite books in years: Under Rotting Sky and Kind Nepenthe. Granted, Kind Nepenthe was a hardcover reissue by the time I was reading it, but damn did I love both of those books….