[REVIEW] Alessa’s Melody – by Jayson Robert Ducharme

ALESSA’S MELODY By Jayson Robert Ducharme Published Independently Alessa’s Melody originally appeared in Come Forth in the Thaw, but has since received new edits and rewrites. To prepare for its reissue, I decided I wanted to read something else of Ducharme’s, seeing as he was a new writer for me. Last week, I picked up…

[REVIEW] Ceremony of Ashes – by Jayson Robert Ducharme

CEREMONY OF ASHES – BY JAYSON ROBERT DUCHARME Ducharme’s reissue of Alessa’s Melody has been promoted a lot on social media lately, catching my eye. So, I decided to check out his work on Amazon, seeing as I hadn’t yet read his writing. Ceremony of Ashes was my top result and only $0.99 for the novella in Kindle format….